le pas des noues

© Pascaline de Glo de Besses  Inauguration le pas des noues, Parc Agricole de Vernand (42) 27 mai. Projet réalisé avec J-S Poncet

I am a designer and graduate of the Higher School of Art and Design, Saint-Etienne (2002)

I practice and conduct research in product, graphic and space design.

Upon completion of my studies, I received the prestigious VIA fund (Valorisation Industry Furniture) thanks to Zebra, an original graphic tiles project. This enabled me to design and create a range of kitchen products for the company Combrichon.

Soon after, I started work for the Continental Hotel, Saint Etienne where I had the opportunity to integrate the practices of graphic, furniture and interior design in one common project. The Hotel subsequently won many awards thanks to the success of my designs. Following this, I received many new clients from the hospitality sector such as HAJC Clairvivre, Andre Wogenscky Architect and the Regis & Jacques Marcon gastronomic restaurant and hotel, to name a few.

I currently design self-made furniture and also have a range of garden sheds, the technical drawings of which have been published by Ouest France and can be purchased throughout France.

In 2017, I was selected by The French Institute to be artist in residence in Japan where I carried out research into the traditional art-form of Yaki-Sugi (Burnt Wood). Following this experience, I created an outdoor furniture collection inspired by this ancient Japanese method. 

In 2018, I was employed as Artistic Director of Kayumanis, a company based in Indonesia, specializing in the design and worldwide export of teak wood furniture.

In 2019, at the Monat Festival of Design in Graz, Austria, I presented Potiches, a collection of original ceramic pottery designs.

Whether I am working on company or personal projects, my commitment to responsible, sustainable and meaningful design is at the heart of everything I do. Staying true to the name of my workshop, Constructifs.